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Monday, April 30, 2012

More Choices at the Douglas Fir Resort!


When staying at your hotel of Banff, we want to provide you with the luxury of choice when it comes to dining out. That’s why we are excited to announce our new partnership with Buffalo Mountain Lodge in collaboration with our $40 and $100 dinner vouchers that we supply with our packages!

You can dine at the wonderful Sleeping Buffalo restaurant or at the intimate and rustic Cilantro with all our packages which offer a $40 or $100 dinner voucher. Packages which include dinner vouchers are:
Two Meal Deal
Date Night
Kids Raft Free
Cruise, Soak and Soar
Ultimate Ski Getaway
Winter Wonderland

You can dine out at some of Banff’s finest local restaurants with your dinner vouchers. From Greek to Canadian, Mexican and Italian, you are spoilt for choice on your next vacation to your hotel in Banff.

Sleeping Buffalo Restaurant & Lounge (main lodge)
Cuisine: Canadian
Open Hours: 6- 9 pm for dinner
Phone: 403 760 4484
Dining at Buffalo Mountain Lodge is a delicious departure from the ordinary. Imagine smoked, cured and roasted wild game. Tasty root vegetables, mushrooms and mixed grains. Fresh indigenous berries and other wild fruits. All artfully assembled and professionally served for your next vacation to your hotel in Banff. Our wine list was awarded Wine Spectator Award of Excellence and we feature an outstanding collection of the world’s finest wines, including Canadian VQA selections.

Cilantro at Buffalo Mountain Lodge
Cuisine: Italian
Open Hours: 5pm – 9pm, June 20th to September 2nd ONLY!
Phone: 403 760 4484
This cozy restaurant features intimate seating and a wood-fired oven which produces unique handcrafted flatbread pizzas, pastas and hearty main courses. In summer, this popular destination features one of the best patios available in the Banff area – complete with an intoxicating mountain vista. Reservations accepted for groups of 6 or more. Cilantro is the perfect location for private parties and gatherings on your Banff hotel vacation.

Both restaurants are located opposite the Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets at Buffalo Mt. Lodge, 700 Tunnel Mt. Road

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Banff Cinema goes 3D!


Left wondering what to do with your energetic tots on a rainy day in Banff? Fear not parents, for the Lux Cinema in Banff has gone 3D!

Now at a hotel in Banff near you, Banff’s only cinema has leapt into the 21st Century and taken the step into the next generation of cinematic experience.

You and your little ones can enjoy an afternoon out from your Banff hotel as you enjoy all the latest movie releases. Whether it’s a rainy afternoon or an evening out after dinner, there is something for everyone on your Banff hotel holiday.

The first title shown last week was the blockbusting remake of Titanic 3D (Yes Mom’s, that's Leonardo DiCaprio in 3D!). With more upcoming titles like The Avengers and cartoon adventure The Pirates Band of Misfits, you’re sure to find something for all members of your family to enjoy.

If you’re still looking to burn off some energy when you return to your hotel in Banff, you can let your little ones loose in our Giant Indoor Kids Playzone (Open 8am-8pm) or send them whizzing down our 2 Giant Indoor Waterslides (open till 9:30pm every day).

If you're still looking for some rainy day ideas, here are a few of our top tips! 

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Just a Namesake!


Did you know your Banff hotel is named after a tree?

Synonymous with longevity, there are Douglas fir trees in Banff National Park that have been recorded at over 700 years old. Due to its power of adaptation, the Douglas fir has withstood ecological changes across hundreds of years!

The Douglas fir tree is important to the ecosystem of Banff National Park as it provides habitat for many on Banff National Park’s wildlife. Useful for providing seeds for birds, bark for Bears and browsing habitat for the resident elk.

The Douglas fir is an extremely large tree that can grow up to a staggering 390ft/120m tall! It’s easy to understand how the Douglas fir tree towers above the treeline in Banff.

Fir Fact - You may better recognise the Douglas fir tree as decorated in twinkling lights in your living room, as it is the most commonly marketed Christmas tree in North America!

Fir Fact – The Douglas Fir can live up to 1,000 years old!

Fir Fact – The Douglas fir tree is not actually a fir tree at all! It is its own distinct species partly due to how its cones hang from its branches!

It’s easy to see why we named your hotel in Banff after a symbol of durability, heritage and robustness.

The Douglas fir can be found dotted around Banff National Park and this summer we are planning to hike to find the oldest Douglas Fir tree in Banff National Park! Stay posted for photos in the coming weeks!

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Even bears enjoy the ski season!


A fantastic family activity for your next Banff hotel vacation!

It’s not just humans who enjoy a good, old fashioned frolic in the snow. Bears love it too!

Meet Boo, a resident orphan grizzly at the Grizzly Bear Refuge at Kicking Horse Mt., Boo is a bear with a big heart.
As the occupier at the world’s largest enclosed and protected grizzly bear habitat, Boo lives (and obviously plays) at the Grizzly Bear Refuge, doing much as he would within the wild. He can often be seen playing, swimming and ‘skiing’ down the mountain side!

The video of him playing in the snow is one of many wonderful and heartwarming moments captured by the team at Kicking Horse Mountain.

Want a really great summer activity for the family on your next Banff hotel vacation? You can go and visit Boo for yourself! Enjoy an interpretive tour to see how Boo interacts in his natural habitat and learn about the plight grizzly bears face in this modern world. Tours are held every hour from 9am throughout summer.

Read our blog post to know how to stay bear aware this summer from your Banff hotel.

Enjoy all the activities your hotel in Banff has to offer this summer with this and many other great activities on offer. Check out all of our summer packages on offer from your Banff hotel.

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lynx Spotting in Banff


Banff National Park is not only famous for its jaw-dropping scenery, but also for its abundance of wildlife!

The usual suspect’s spring to mind when thinking about Canadian wildlife; bears, coyotes, elk. But less is heard of, or even known, about the more elusive inhabitants near your Banff hotel (and no we’re not talking about the long term human residents).

The lynx is one of the most elusive members of Banff National Park. Secretive and cautious by nature, the lynx usually inhabits the deeper parts of Banff National Park and remains a highly private creature.

This majestic mammal is identified through its beautiful thick fur, dark tipped ear tufts and large paws which act as their very own snowshoes during the winter months!

Wildlife Overpasses on the Trans-Canada Highway

The photo was recently captured by one of the many wildlife cameras set up by Parks Canada. What makes this snapshot so spectacular is where the photo was taken. The lynx in the photo is seen using one of the many wildlife overpasses in place to keep our animals off our roads. Usually one to shy away from the spotlight, the usually nocturnal lynx can be seen plodding along the overpass in daylight! Unfortunately their beauty means they are a prime target for poachers and are on the threatened mammals list.

We have posted the fantastic photo on our Facebook page and we are asking you to give him a name (it only seems right). Make it regal or cute. What do you think we should name the Banff lynx? Click here to add your suggestion!

Type: Mammal
Diet: Carnivore
Size: Head and body, 32 to 40 in (80 to 100 cm); Tail, 4 to 8 in (10 to 20 cm)
Weight: 22 to 44 lbs (10 to 20 kg)
Protection status: Threatened

All lynx are skilled hunters that make use of great hearing (the tufts on their ears are a hearing aid) and eyesight so strong that a lynx can spot a mouse 250 feet (75 meters) away. Canada lynx eat mice, squirrels, and birds, but prefer the snowshoe hare. These stealthy cats avoid humans and hunt at night, so they are rarely seen.
Enjoy the beauty surrounding your hotel in Banff.
Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation

Alison Jones -

Banff hotel, Banff hotels, hotel in Banff, hotels in Banff

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best of Both Worlds – Spring Weather in Banff


One of our most frequently asked questions from guests visiting their hotel in Banff is ‘what is the weather like’ and ‘what should I wear’.

We locals have a saying about Rocky Mountain weather, ‘If you don’t like it, wait 5minutes’.

Banff weather is variable. Expect the best and prepare for the worst (including snow showers in August!). So here is a rundown on what to expect when you visit your hotel in Banff during our ever changing seasons.

Spring – Snowy and warm. Amazing Spring skiing in the sunshine and dry roads and little snow in downtown Banff. The secret is to layer up before you head out from your Banff hotel as it can be warm one minute and snowing the next.

Summer - With a whopping 16hrs of sunlight a day, you can pack so much into your days of exploring the National Park. Bring your waterproofs as the odd shower passes through the mountains.

Autumn – Indian Summers have been known to frequent your Banff hotel. Warm sunshine with cooler breezes. Perfect for cramming in those late season hikes to marvel at the beautiful Fall colours.

Winter – Snow, snow and….well snow! Every season seems to get better and better for your hotel in Banff. Blessed with amazing champagne powder and Alberta blue sky days; it’s why we’re famous for winter skiing.

High (°C)
Low (°C)
Hours of

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Upcoming Ski Events in Banff


The weather may be warming up with the Springtime sunshine, but Banff’s ski season is long from over! With another 6 weeks of the ski season left to roll out you can enjoy the sunshine and the best spring ski conditions in North America, all from your Banff hotel!

Not only that, but there are some fantastic upcoming ski resort events until the close of season on May 6th at Lake Louise and May 21st at Sunshine Village, to keep you amused when you’re out and about from your hotel in Banff! Check out the highlights below.

Spring Concert Series @ Sunshine Village – Every Weekend until close May 21st  April 23rd see’s the Sunshine Village Spring Concert Series kick off! With everything from dance band TR3 to country sounds from George Canyon and rock classic from the amazing tribute at BC/DC. These open air performances are the perfect complement to your après ski session before you head back to your Banff hotel.

April 21st – 22nd @ Lake Louise – Shred Kelly & Q107 Enjoy this awesome outdoor concert as this five-piece band from Fernie hits the famous Kokanee Kabin. Known for mixing banjo riffs with guitars and drums, they are sure to get you out of your seats! Be sure to look out for your favourite DJ’s from Calgary’s Classic Rock station, Q107 or start the day as you mean to go on by tuning in while in the car on your way from your Banff hotel.

May 6th Spring Episode 12’ @ Lake Louise – See off the Lake Louise ski season in style with this extravaganza closing party. Enjoy the unbeatable Spring skiing conditions as you watch the jam and DJ sessions along with live music and charity fundraiser with Bikini’s for Breast Cancer.

May 20th Bikini’s  Boardshorts – Combing two great things. Spring skiing and great causes. This 4th annual fundraiser see’s skies and snowboarder united in their summery boardshorts and bikini’s for the good of the cause in raising money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Prostate Cancer Canada.

May 21st 84th Annual, End of Season Slush Cup. The events to end all events. The annual Sunshine Village Slush Cup is the best way to end another amazing ski season in the Rockies. Cheer on the skiers and snowboarders to dare to take the plunge down the steep slope before attempting to skim across the 20ft pool of ice water. Many try. Many fail. A great day out from your Banff hotel!

Check out our great ski packages still available and enjoy the fantastic ski resort events happening over the last few weeks of the 2011/12 ski season. All on the doorstep of your hotel in Banff.

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer Package Spotlight


The bears are stirring, the snow in town is melting and the rivers are thawing! Yes, the warmer weather is on its way! So what better time to get ready for your Summer vacation at your hotel in Banff.
Check out our great summer packages and save up to 25% if you book your Banff hotel package before April 30th.
Cruise, Soak &Soar – Experience what Banff really has to offer! Spend three nights in the condo of your choice as you spend your days cruising along Lake Minnewanka, soaking up the mineral waters in the Hot Springs and Soaring about Sulphur Mt. on the Banff Gondola. You can also cook breakfast just the way you like it in your Banff hotel with a breakfast kit and treat yourself with a $100 dinner voucher! From $229 per night based on a three night stay.
Kids Raft FREE – See the Canadian Rockies from a whole new angle, floating down the family friendly Kananaskis River on a rafting adventure! Cook up breakfast in your condo, enjoy a thrilling day rafting and relax with dinner out using your $40 dinner voucher. Great for all ages, this package starts at $299.50 per night,  based on a two nights.
BBQ – Enjoy our year round, outdoor BBQ’s with everything you need to enjoy a summer cookout at your hotel in Banff. This package provides four steaks, Caesar salad, beans, garlic bread, rice, BBQ sauce and Coca Cola on arrival to your Banff hotel. Enjoy a night in the mountains and our BBQ kit from $191.
Don’t forget our ever popular Breakfast Package, our Two Meal Deal and our Date Night package as well!
Pass the sunscreen, we’re ready for summer!
Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bears Waking up in Banff – Be Bear Aware


It’s that time of year again. The bears are yawning, stretching and emerging from their winter dens. If you’re visiting your hotel in Banff over the next 6+ months, it’s smart to be bear aware. Here are a few helpful tips:

Bear Tip 1 – Respect their space. Banff National Park belongs just as much to the bears as it does to you. Respecting bears natural habitat is first and foremost. You can do this with a few simple steps. If you see a bear roadside, stay in your car. If you see a bear while hiking, stop, give him lots of space and let him make his way. After all, you wouldn’t like it if someone came charging through your living room.

Bear Tip 2 – Food storage and disposal. Enjoying BBQ’s and picnics are some of the best parts about the warmer weather. But make sure your culinary delights aren’t tempting to bears too (they have a good nose for those pic-a-nic baskets or so we’ve learnt from Yogi Bear). Ensure all food, dirty plates and coolers are stored in your vehicle, storage locker or disposed of in the many bear-proof bins before you return to your hotel in Banff.

Bear Tip 3 – Observe the speed limit. One of the most difficult aspects of man and nature coexisting in the same area are the number of bear fatalities on our roads. Please observe all speed limits and pay extra attention when driving at dusk and at night.

Bear Tip 4 – Hike smart. Even in bear season you can still get out and enjoy the many amazing trails surrounding your hotel in Banff. Hike in groups of 4 or more if you can. While this isn’t always necessary some trails have mandatory hiking group numbers so take note. Make noise when walking along, sing songs and clap. Bears don’t want to come across you as much as you don’t want to sneak up on them and if they hear you coming they are likely to stay out of your way.

If you do come across a bear, stay calm, don’t run or shout, give the bear lots of room and let him move on his way. Aggressive bear behaviour is rare. You can read through a full list of what do on the Parks Canada website.

Get outside; enjoy the glorious warmer weather and the amazing outdoor activities on offer to you from the doorstep of your hotel in Banff.

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

More Bands for Banff – Blue Rodeo


Yet another amazing Canadian band will be making their way to a Banff hotel near you, this summer!

The pop and country rock sounds of Blue Rodeo will descend on Banff on July 8th at The Banff Centre’s stunning open air amphitheatre. Known for their iconic sound, Blue Rodeo is somewhat of a Canadian music institution. With influences from The Beatles to Jackson Brown and Neil Young, their music has appealed to all ages for the last three decades.

Performing new material as well as old favourites, this open air, summer concert in Banff is set to sell out! Tickets are available for purchase from The Banff Centre website and be sure to book your Banff hotel prior to the event to ensure the perfect Banff getaway.

Banff also has a few more acts up its sleeve! With Joel Plaskett performing this upcoming Monday and the Sam Roberts Band headlining this years, Performance in the Park.

Enjoy all these great concerts and more this year while staying at your hotel in Banff, the Douglas fir Resort & Chalets. Plus Early Bird pricing for our summer packages is now available for a limited time.

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation.

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