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Monday, May 28, 2012

Bears, Banff and Taking Care of our Beautiful Wildlife


Bear 64 with her cubs

Think of your hotel in Banff National Park and the image of bears often come to mind.

While bear sightings around your Banff hotel are rare, you don’t need to venture far to catch a glimpse of some of Banff’s beautiful wildlife.

Mama & Cubs taking a dip in the Bow River- May 23rd 2012
That has certainly been true of late with the arrival of a beautiful bear family around Banff townsite. Bear 64 and her three cubs have woken up and spent the majority of last week grazing on the snow-free grass just outside of downtown Banff. Sighted at the Cave and Basin site, Fenland trail and even taking a dip in the Bow River, these bears have been very active (and close) to downtown Banff.

Mama & Cubs taking a dip in the Bow River- May 23rd 2012
While you don’t need to worry too much about coming across mama bear and her cubs, as Parks Canada has a close eye on this young family, including fitting her with a shiny new tracking collar, it is incredibly important to be aware of wildlife when visiting Banff National Park.

Drive With Care – All too often we hear of bear’s struck and killed by cars on our roads and highways. Animal road deaths are avoidable by driving within the posted speed limits and keeping a keen eye out for crossing wildlife. Plus when you drive at a slower pace you can enjoy the scenery around your Banff hotel even more!

Check for Closures – Before you head out for the day from your hotel in Banff, check the Parks Canada website and trailhead notices for any closures or hiking/biking restrictions.

Safety First – Adhere to hiking regulations (enforced hiking numbers), carry bear spray (know how to use it) and make lots of noise when enjoying Banff National Park. Remember not to feed any wildlife, whether it is squirrels or bears. Animals who are fed by humans are likely to become reliant on this source of food and will engage more with humans. This can often develop into problem behaviour forcing authorities to take action such as relocation and sometimes euthanization of a bear. Remember, ‘A fed bear is a dead bear’.

Dawn and her two cubs, last May before she was killed. Photo by John E. Marriott

In other news from legendary wildlife photographer, John E.Marriott, the orphaned cubs of bear Dawn (who was sadly killed on the CP railway last year) have survived the winter and have been recently sighted! Wonderful news from a sad beginning.

Please help us keep our park beautiful and wild by taking a few steps towards creating a safe environment for Mama Bear, her three cubs and every other animal in Banff National Park.

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets, Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation.

Alison Jones

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