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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aurora Borealis in Banff!

                                                      Paul Zizka, Lake Minnewanka

Aurora borealis  (aurora bo·re·al·is·es)

Also called: Northern Lights and ‘those pretty dancing lights in the night sky’

What is it: An atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands of light caused by charged solar particles following the earth's magnetic lines of force

You’ve most likely seen beautiful photos of the famous and stunning Northern Lights majestically  displaying themselves in the night sky. But ‘what are they and how can I catch a glimpse for myself’ you say? Fear not as your Banff hotel has all the answers

The Latin name 'Aurora Borealis' is roughly translated as ' Northern Lights' - hence the alternative name!

Appearing for many years, the lights have been associated to Gods appearing to mortals, spirits of souls dancing in the sky or legends in the sky telling stories of years gone by.

Nowadays we know it’s an after effect of solar flares, emitting high energy ion particles (plasma) and interact with Earth’s magnetic field causing those oh so pretty dancing lights.

Colours include red, green, blue and violet. Watch closely as you can see the lights ‘dance’ as the hues change in waves.

Best place to see them? You need to get away from street lights. Head out the short distance to Lake Minnewanka, Johnsons Lake or Vermillion Lakes to spot this natural phenomenon occurring.

To see when the next Aurora Borealis is due to hit the sky above your hotel in Banff, check out these great sites:

Experience the Northern Lights without the crowds with our mid-week May rates from $96!

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