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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pet of the Year Competition – Winners for July!!


Wow! Talk about the competition heating up! July saw our biggest number of entries for our Pet of the Year Competition and what amazing entries they were! Due to the high number of entries we found the decision too hard, so we have 


 Captain Suki

Commander of the lakes, lifeguard to those in need, beach babe of Alberta, Captain Suki is here! With a love for the open water and the great outdoors, Suki is often seen soaking up the sun by the lake during summer. She also has a love for her remote control toy truck and (much to her owner’s discontent) chewing drywall and baseboards when people aren’t looking! To combat this, Suki’s owners keep her distracted with her own TV showing re-runs of Animal Planet!


An adorable Doodle (part Poodle, part Dachshund) with a fantastic personality, Leo has a taste for Tupperware and anything shiny. In-fact since Leo came to live with his family a total of 3 spoons, 2 poached egg cookers and a frying pan lid has gone missing! So to get him back in his family’s good books, Leo is our other winner for July!

 Honorable Mention!

Whilst we have two winners, we would like to extend an Honorable Mention to one more entry. This goes to Emma and her amazing back flipping skills. Never have we seen such a large dog, with such grace in the air. Pictured here in BC, Emma really shows off her skills and we are impressed to say the least.


Our two winners for July go into the running for the Pet of the Year Competition to win a 2 nights stay with us!

You can enter as many times as you like so please keep sending us your pet photos to We love seeing your photos!

Thank you to everyone who has entered so far!  

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