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Thursday, June 23, 2011

6 Reasons to Get On Your Bike in Banff


The benefits of getting out the car and onto a bike are great. Apart from feeling like a kid again (c’mon, we all get that feeling on a bike) it’s also great for your mind and body.

The Douglas fir Resort offers discounts off bike rentals at Backtrax on Bear St. They offer 5 different bike types from city to mountain; to kid and junior bikes (complete with training wheels), helmets, repair kits and more!

With an endless list of things to do in Banff, here are a few good reasons to saddle up and get peddling:

Family fun
Make some memories for the whole family. Whether it’s teaching your kids how to ride, taking a picnic out to picturesque spots or even renting a tandem bike, those types of family memories last forever.

See Things Off the Map
There are some things only visible from the many trails in and around Banff National Park. Hidden treasures, secret campsites and serene lakes. You won’t regret making the effort.

Clears the Mind
Living in a world of rush, rush, rush soon takes its toll. So breathing in the fresh mountain air, feeling the wind in your hair, and having a sense of freedom does a lot for the mind.

Don’t be afraid! There are enough flat trails in and around Banff as well as the more rugged terrain to suit your ability. Even a gentle ride by Vermillion Lakes will do you a world of wonders. Better than sitting in the car anyways!

Cheaper than Petrol
Anyone heard about those rising gas prices? Well stop driving and start riding!

Direct your Own Route
Take your holiday into your own hands. Grab a map, plan your route and set out for the day. Stop at every landmark, enjoy as many breaks as you like or push on to your goal. It’s all up to you.

Just another day in Banff

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