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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wildlife at the Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets – Elk for Neighbors!


There are a few things you expect on your visit to the Douglas fir Resort, like the waterslides, Playzone and stunning scenery.  But what you might be pleasantly surprised at is the amount of wildlife roaming around the resort!  The wildlife ranges from the small squirrels running up the trees to the Elk slowly meandering their way across the road.  So we have created a little ‘Animal Tracking List’, for you to tick off during your stay here at the hotel as well as descriptions of each animal.

Columbian Ground Squirrel – Identifiable by its rusty colored underbelly and nose.  Often seen running from tree to tree!
Mule Deer or White Tailed Deer – Medium size, distinctive white tails and ears similar to those of a Donkey (as seen above).
Elk (Wapiti) – Larger than the Mule Deer, sometimes with antlers.  Count how many ‘points’ there are on one side of an
Elk’s antlers and you can usually tell its age or status within a herd.

Coyote – Medium-sized grayish dog with a slender muzzle, large pointed ears, and a bushy tail. This one is very shy!

Red Wing Blackbirds – Fairly common and easy to spot.  Dark black feathers with vibrant red and yellow ‘shoulder pads’.

American Robin – With its red breast and brown feathers, the American robin is a true sign of spring in the Rockies.

Big Horn Sheep – Sandy brown coats with a white rump patch.  The males have large horns which curl around the side of the head.  The females have short, spiky brown horns.  You are likely to see them along the roadside.
Whilst we love seeing the wildlife around the hotel, we also realize that we share this space with the animals.  We do our best to keep the wildlife wild, and would appreciate if you would do the same.  Tempting as it may be to feed them, please don't feed the animals (our food is bad for the digestive system of animals) or get too close to them.
Please note the following National Park Regulations during your stay in Banff: 
Give wildlife space.  It is against the law to touch, entice, disturb or otherwise harass any wild animals big or small.
Keep food away from wildlife.  Feeding any park wildlife is prohibited. Always keep coolers stored in vehicles. Pick up litter and dispose of garbage in bear proof bins.
Put pets on a leash.  Unrestrained pets may harass wildlife, provoke wildlife attacks and endanger people.
Leave it for others to enjoy.  Whatever treasure you find be it a rock, a flower, an antler or an historic artifact it belongs where it is.
Help protect people and the park
Call 1.888.WARDENS if you see anyone violating park regulations.
Please report all bear, cougar, or wolf sightings or aggressive behavior by any wildlife to the nearest Park Warden Office or Information Centre.

Take pictures and admire from afar and see if you can spot some of the real locals in Banff!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!! I'm going to look out for all of them when we stay this weekend :)

April 20, 2011 at 8:45 AM  

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