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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A kid’s ultimate day at the Douglas Fir Resort


With an office located downstairs (close to the long, colorful corridor painted with local wildlife which leads to the two storey play-zone, and the stairwell which twirls up and out to the Douglas Fir Resort’s famous indoor waterslides) I am often privileged enough to hear the delighted giggles and screams of children just bursting to explore and enjoy our many magical amenities. This simple and pure joy has inspired me to revisit my youth in order to write the Douglas Fir Resort’s latest blog, ‘A kid’s ultimate day at the Douglas Fir Resort.’

Here we go…

After a long, peaceful sleep in my cozy bed I woke up to the smell of Mom cooking my favorite breakfast, bacon and eggs! We sat down to a fun family breakfast at the dining table in the lounge area; it was especially nice because we could see a great view of the snow covered mountains from inside our room. After breakfast, Mom and Dad said that I could play my new Play Station game while they cleaned the dishes because we were on a special family holiday – I loved that I could bring my favorite gaming systems and DVDs from home and use the Douglas Fir Resort’s great ‘Plug and Play’ consoles.

I had seen lots of pictures of the big play-zone shaped like a tree before we came, so I told Mom and Dad that I really wanted to go and play. To get to the play-zone we had to take a short walk outside, across the hotel grounds, and on the way we saw a family of three deer grazing. Mom and Dad said that we weren’t allowed to pat them because they are part of the wildlife in the National Park, but we could sit and watch them for awhile. It was super exciting because I had never seen big animals like deer in the wild before.

Once we got to the indoor play-zone I had a great time! While Mom sat and read her newspaper I drove a toy car, slid down the slides and shimmied up and down the big tree trunk!

During the day we went exploring around Banff. I love Banff because it is super pretty and there is so much to see and do!

Mom, Dad and I went to The Banff Grizzly House for a fun lunch. We ordered a cheese and a mushroom fondue where we used sticks to dip pieces of bread and mushroom into the special sauces, it was very yummy. Afterwards, I was told I was allowed to buy a special treat from one of Banff’s oldest candy stores, ‘Welch’s Candy Store.’ The store is over 46 years old and even Dad said a lot of the candy reminded him of when he was a kid!

In the afternoon we went to Banff’s closest ski hills, Mt Norquay for tubing, snowshoeing and smores! I had never been snow tubing before and it was very exciting being able to go down the mountain on a big inflatable tube – even Mom and Dad could go on with me!

I was very tired after a day on the ski hill, so we caught the ski bus back down-town and were picked up by the Douglas Fir Resort’s free shuttle bus. When we got back to the room I had a long, hot bath and was allowed to watch a DVD while Mom and Dad got ready for dinner.

Mom and Dad bought a special package which included a $40 voucher for one of Banff’s yummy restaurants, and 3 hours of babysitting for me. I was very excited to meet my friendly babysitter, and Mom and Dad even said she could take me to the waterslides and order in pizza for dinner.

I loved visiting the two big indoor waterslides – I could have spent all day going up and sliding down, splashing into the pool below! I was a bit sad to leave, but my lovely babysitter let me play a game in the arcade room next to the entrance of the waterslides which made me very happy.

After a long, fun day in Banff I was very tired. My babysitter read to me next to the warm wood-burning fireplace while we waited for Mom and Dad to come back after their fun date night.

By nine o’clock Mom and Dad were back. They were very sleepy too so we all went to bed and rested up for another fun day at the Douglas Fir Resort!

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