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Friday, April 23, 2010

Packages Save you Money

Here at Douglas Fir Resort we like to SAVE you money by creating special packages that include reduced room rates AND savings on Banff activities and products. 

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Staying Overnight At Douglas Fir Resort

Last night I stayed at Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets with my two little nieces. We booked into a one bedroom loft suite which was comfortable and spacious.

We arrived at 5:00pm and went straight to our suite for some dinner. We had yummy Thai takeaway from Pad Thai a local restaurant in Banff.  We just put the leftovers in the fridge as all rooms have a full kitchen.  After dinner we plugged our Nintendo Wii into the “Plug and Play Panel” and had a go at tennis and bowling. There’s more than enough space in the room to do all the Wii sports.
Water Slides
At 7:00pm we went to the water slides. The blue slide was really good for my four year old niece as it wasn’t too fast for her first time going down by herself. My five year old niece loved the white slide which was really fast around the second last corner and huge splashes coming out the end. Time went by really fast between soaking in the hut tub, flying down the water slides and enjoying the sauna.

At around 9:30pm we left the waterslides and went back to our suite. We had a snack watched a few minutes of t.v. on the new 42" HDTV flatscreen and then it was off to bed.

The next morning we woke up cooked our breakfast that was already in the fridge for us. This package includes: Bacon, eggs, toast, butter, milk, cereal, orange juice and of course coffee and crème.

Then we left for the “Play Zone” which is a giant indoor children’s playground. The kids love this place and it’s so clean you can smell that the housekeeping staff has come in just before our arrival.

Indoor play ground

By 10:00am the kids were ready to go back to the suite and pack up just in time for check out.

Overall the children loved the resort and I believe it is far better option than going to a regular hotel with only a few amenities. I really like the fact that Douglas Fir Resort includes all the amenities in the price. I can really understand why Douglas Fir Resort receives so many repeat families coming back for more!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

What to bring with you for your stay in Banff?

It's difficult to know what to bring with you when traveling to Banff. One reason for this  is that most people coming to stay at Douglas Fir Resort don't realize that we now have:

* NEW HDTV Flat Screen T.Vs

* Plug n Play panels

* DVD player in the living rooms.

We make it easy for families to bring all of their electronic gaming systems with them including:

Xbox Console


Wii console


Playstation console 


There is an easy plug and play panel in all of our rooms for guests to use free of charge (dont forget to bring your connector cables).

Happy gaming!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Water Slides!

Picture of the Blue water slide

Douglas Fir Resort Water Slides is an exciting aqua park that is complimentary for all guests staying here. Featuring over 100,000 litres of water, this area of our hotel offers two water slides and kiddy pool, hot tub, steam room and a unique games room. Families love it here.

Today I met with the water park staff to learn about what they do on a daily basis at Douglas Fir Resort. First we folded the complimentary towels and prepared for the guests. Then I learned how to keep logs and maintain records of all the guests that enter the water slides. It was a busy day here because our hotel was fully booked and everyone wanted to go sliding. We went down to the supply area so that we could  refill all  shampoo and conditioner bottles and check to make sure the pool area had stocked up on towels. By this time many guests were already enjoying the slides so I met up with staff to supervise the children and make sure they were safe. Everybody looked like they were having fun.

There was one moment that was quite funny.  A mother was at the bottom of the blue slide ready and waiting to catch her child as she came down the slide when in fact it wasn't her child!  There was actually a man coming down the slide who was very surprised to see that a women was there to catch him! Priceless.

Thanks to the pool staff for letting me join them on a evening of water fun. I had a good time and so did the guests.

Have fun Slidin!

A few tips from the water slides:
  • Life jackets are provided free of charge.
  • The white slide is the fastest!
  • All ages can enjoy the slides
  • Lockers are $0.25

Games Area

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    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Douglas Fir Resorts Link to Customer Satisfaction

    Today I headed upstairs for my front desk duties and met with the Reservations Supervisor. We started the day off with an overall review of front desk procedures and operations. I was able to stand back and observe the smooth flow of all the front desk staff and see exactly how our clients interact with the staff  from check in to check out.  I noticed a few key qualities that all the front desk staff exhibit naturally towards the guests. The qualities included:
    • Cheerful outlook
    • Spirited optimism
    • Great listeners
    • Staff always holding a friendly smile
    Considering these economic times for most hotels this type of person is hard to come by. I find it really nice to come into a hotel that already has these unique qualities in the guest services staff.
    I believe that some of the most effective hotel strategies are those that simultaneously satisfy guests, improve operational efficiencies and generate additional revenue. That is what Douglas Fir Resort has really linked to right here at the front desk.
    One member of the front desk showed me how she implemented her very own review guide for celiac and vegetarians in Banff.  She has created a list of restaurants that people with food concerns can obtain from the front desk, as well as a monthly review of what events are going on here in Banff.  I thought this was a fabulous idea being a celiac myself. I know just how hard it is to come by gluten free restaurants on my own. I could tell that the communications in the hotel have worked effectively and that the front desk has had an input of their very own. The guests are happy with additional touches such as reviews, and suggestions.  Many of the guests commented on returning again as well as mentioning about our hotel to their friends.

    Tomorrow I will be at the WATER SLIDES!


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    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Knock Knock Housekeeping! (First Day Part 2)

     The housekeeping manager has a spunky, outgoing personality! She really needs to have one when you have 30 staff to keep track of throughout the day. The manager knows her staff really well and tries her best to keep everyone happy. For example, she tells me that her staff comes from approximately seven different countries and they speak  five different languages.  Whenever she writes up their room lists for the day she always writes a Thank-you in the housekeepers language. I thought that was a really nice gesture.  She knows everyone in the hotel well and can say something positive and upbeat about them all. 
    We left her office and then went upstairs to show me how to do a final inspection of the rooms. We inspected every inch of the room to make certain that it was clean. She tells me about the housekeeping award the hotel received from Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association. The rooms are spotless. We visited one of our new Family suites that have two Double and four Queen Beds in three separate bedrooms. We inspected the suite to make certain the housekeepers had not missed anything and checked the kitchen to make sure all the utensils were counted for. The dinning table was massive and the view spectacular. I am certain anyone staying in this room would be pleased. In the bathroom the housekeeping manager tells me about the make-up remover wipes and environmentally friendly soaps she has implemented into the resort. They’re a real hit with the guests she tells me. We then reviewed two more room types and then it was time to go back downstairs. 
    Next we walked briskly to the Playzone because we will need to try it out and see that it is up to her cleaning standards. I was really surprised about how big the structure is with three slides inside and a tree trunk to climb three storeys high. We looked to see if we could find any dust but it was already so clean. I was out of breath by the time we came out. 
    By this time it was almost the end of my day. I did some reviews of the website and reviews of the rooms and then I was off to go home. 
    My first impression was that this resort is incredibly clean. I can see why it is such a wonderful place for families to visit.
    See you tomorrow!

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    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Day One at Douglas Fir Resort

    Today was my first day here at Douglas Fir Resort. I was excited with anticipation about what I would be learning. I met with the Accounting Manager this morning. She started out by giving me an overall review of the resort, rooms and chalets. We talked about the 16 different room types available and then we quickly stepped outside for a tour of the resort. She explained to me about what each room type looked like from the outside and showed me all the unique amenities the resort has to offer. My favorite included the Waterslides, Playzone, and the Tennis Court because I am an active person that likes to have fun. I also thought the free wireless internet in all rooms was a great gesture because I hate to pay for internet when I stay away from home.
    Along the way we made sure to say hello to any guests passing by as well as introducing me to all the many smiling staff out and about working around the resort. I was then introduced to the Housekeeping Manager. I would be spending the rest of my morning and into the afternoon getting a close look at her busy job. I can not wait to tell you about it tomorrow!

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    Monday, April 5, 2010

    A New Addition to the Team!

    Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets Sales Coordinator
    We are excited to be expanding our marketing team with the addition of our Sales Coordinator here at Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets. Anastasia has joined our marketing department as the new media, and online reporting specialist. Her new and exciting role will include updating Douglas Fir Resort on Twitter, Facebook and Travel forums.  Anastasia brings marketing expertise to the team, including direct experience in the areas of social media, and online content management.  This week Anastasia will be blogging about the daily running of all departments at the Douglas Fir Resort. She will be getting an inside personal look at the daily routines at the resort including  Accounting, Housekeeping, Laundry, Front Desk and receiving a full tour of all the suites available here at the resort.  Anastasia is looking forward to having you join her as she learns why Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets is Banff’s finest family accommodation.  
    We welcome her aboard and look forward to working with her to improve our online communications to keep our guests and future guests informed on our resort and Banff events.

    To follow her on Twitter please click here:
    To become a Fan on Facebook please click here:

    From: Born and Raised in the Bow Valley
    Favorite Food: Popcorn
    Favorite Mountain: Heart Mountain......Because its easy to hike
    Activity: Water Sliding!
    Super hero: Easter Bunny
    Favorite Place to eat: Saltlik
    Favorite Festival: Banff Film Festival

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