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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knock Knock Housekeeping! (First Day Part 2)

 The housekeeping manager has a spunky, outgoing personality! She really needs to have one when you have 30 staff to keep track of throughout the day. The manager knows her staff really well and tries her best to keep everyone happy. For example, she tells me that her staff comes from approximately seven different countries and they speak  five different languages.  Whenever she writes up their room lists for the day she always writes a Thank-you in the housekeepers language. I thought that was a really nice gesture.  She knows everyone in the hotel well and can say something positive and upbeat about them all. 
We left her office and then went upstairs to show me how to do a final inspection of the rooms. We inspected every inch of the room to make certain that it was clean. She tells me about the housekeeping award the hotel received from Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association. The rooms are spotless. We visited one of our new Family suites that have two Double and four Queen Beds in three separate bedrooms. We inspected the suite to make certain the housekeepers had not missed anything and checked the kitchen to make sure all the utensils were counted for. The dinning table was massive and the view spectacular. I am certain anyone staying in this room would be pleased. In the bathroom the housekeeping manager tells me about the make-up remover wipes and environmentally friendly soaps she has implemented into the resort. They’re a real hit with the guests she tells me. We then reviewed two more room types and then it was time to go back downstairs. 
Next we walked briskly to the Playzone because we will need to try it out and see that it is up to her cleaning standards. I was really surprised about how big the structure is with three slides inside and a tree trunk to climb three storeys high. We looked to see if we could find any dust but it was already so clean. I was out of breath by the time we came out. 
By this time it was almost the end of my day. I did some reviews of the website and reviews of the rooms and then I was off to go home. 
My first impression was that this resort is incredibly clean. I can see why it is such a wonderful place for families to visit.
See you tomorrow!

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